V International Transport Forum YugTrans-2009

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Web site: http://http://www.yugtrans.ru/en/

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Date: 19 – 20 March 2009

Type: conferences

Subject: Transport and logistics

Brand: YugTrans

Place: Nadezhda Hotel (Novorossiysk, Kabardinka)


  • The Council of the Federation Commission for National Maritime Policy
    Vyacheslav Popov, chairman
  • Federal Agency of Maritime & River Transport, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
    Aleksandr Davidenko, head
    Anna Murygina, assistant of the head
  • Federal Agency for Transport Supervision
    Vladimir Popov, deputy head
    Uriy Parfenov, general director
  • Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
    Vasiliy Shipilov, chief specialist – expert of transport and communication restructurization subdivision of Department of state tariff regulation, infrastructure reforms and environmental economics and energy efficiency
    Evgeniya Filicheva, chief specialist - expert of production infrastructure development subdivision of economic sectors development department
  • Federal Railway Transport Agency, Southern Territorial Administration
    Oleg Fedorenko, head of the Southern Territorial Administration
  • Transport and Communication Department of Krasnodar Territory
    Grigoriy Minaev, head
  • Department of Investments and Project Support of the Krasnodar region
    Anton Getta, deputy head
  • Government of the Astrakhan Region
    Uriy Mahoshvili, deputy chairman of the Government of the Astrakhan Region – minister of industry, transport and communication
  • Novorossiysk Maritime Port Administration
    Vladimir Erygin, captain
  • Consulate General of the Republic Turkey
    Dexa Erpek, general counsel
  • Department of Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Natural Resource Use in the Southern Federal district
    Vyacheslav Temnikov, head
  • Novorossiysk Commercial Sea port, PJSC
    Igor Vilinov, general director
  • Activ, Insurance Company
    Vera Lebedeva, deputy general director in charge of special projects
    Roman Verbitskiy,
    deputy general director
  • Admiral Ushakov Maritime State Academy
    Sergey Kondratev, head
  • Alfa Alyans Ltd.
    Sergey Sotnikov, head of subsidiary office in Novorossiysk
  • Group Asteros
    Dmitriy Lemekhov, sales director of transport and aviation department
  • BARL Scientific and Production Group of Companies, CJSC
    Valeriy Labutin, head of system research department
  • BSSS, Ltd.
    Laslo Sabov, general director
  • Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC)
    Oleg Sadovskiy, deputy area manager, coast infrastructure
    Uriy Puzhaev, deputy area manager in charge of maritime operations
  • Center of Transport Systems Security Ltd.
    Galina Turkina, general director
  • Container Business, magazine
    Svetlana Tsirkunova, editor
  • Directoriya Port
    Vladimir Koshelev, chairman of board of directors
    Vitaliy Klimenko, deputy commercial director
  • Energy of the South, magazine
    Svetlana Turyalay, director
  • EuroTEK Universal
    Evgeniy Kirilov, general director
    Ludmila Pankratova, senior economist of agent service department
  • Evrosib, CJSC
    Alexander Puchkov, Major-General of the Russian Customs Service, Councilor to CEO
  • GIPROTRANSTEI, JSC Russian Railways
    Aleksey Zamkovoy, head of preliminary economic considerations department
    Nikolay Kalinichanko, head of Analysis department
  • Global Container Service Ltd.
    Andrey Naraevskiy, marketing director
  • Gulf Agency Company, GAC Shipping and Logistics
    Andrey Levchenko, general director
  • Industry, Publishing Group
    Elena Zhbannikova, specialist in charge of magazine special supplements
  • InzhGeo, CJSC
    Andrey Shauro, general director
  • InterFax-South, Information Agency
    Dmitriy Veklich, personal correspondent
  • International Grain Company Ltd.
    Aleksey Rasnitsov, deputy general director
  • Konecranes Service South, branch of Konecranes CJSC
    Elena Kameneva, standard equipment sales manager
  • Kubangrugservis, CJSC
    Victor Timofeev, general director,
    Andrey Panov, director of Temruk office
  • MorprojectPrestige Ltd.
    Vyacheslav Zubkov, director
  • Morservice Group Ltd.
    Aleksander Sviridov, general director
  • National Container Company
    Varvarenko Valentin, vice-president in charge of southern region

  • New Wave Ltd.
    Olga Bezhanove, general director
  • Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Line) Group
    Yukio Matsukata, head of the representative office NYK Line Moscow
    Roman Afanasyev, general director NYK Line (Rus)
  • North Caucasus Railway
    Igor Sarapulov, head of technical department of operation division
  • NovomorNIIproject Ltd.
    Sergey Gonenko, general director
  • Novoroslesexport, JSC
    Georgiy Antonyan, general director
    Ashot Kalustov, head of container terminal management
    Albert Likxolet, assistant general manager
  • Novorossiysk Customs
    Dmitriy Chizhov, first deputy head in charge of customs control
  • Novorossiysk Grain Terminal
    Viktor Zelenskiy, first commercial deputy director general
  • Novorossysk Ship Repair Yard
    Ruslan Nikitin, general director
  • PetroCrane Ltd.
    Viktor Vasilev, general director
  • Port of Sochi Imeretinskiy, JSC
    Vladimir Sheyanov, general director
  • Promishlennie Investitsii, CJSC
    Dzhamaldin Pashaev, general director
    Aleksander Melnikov, business development director
  • Respect Ltd.
    Aleksey Ivanov, deputy commercial director
    Irina Popova, customer relations manager of sales department in transport and communication department
  • ROSMORPORT, Novorossiysk office
    Oleg Boychenko, director
  • ROSMORPORT, Taganrog office
    Valeriy Filippov, director of the Taganrog office
  • ROSMORPORT, Taman office
    Sergey Yakushev, director of the Taman office
  • ROSMORPORT, Yeisk office
    Ivan Polukhin, acting director
  • Rostek Novorossiysk, CJSC
    Andrey Gikalov, first deputy director
  • Rostov Port, JSC
    Oleg Gryzlov, chairman of board of directors
    Viktor Vovk, general director
    Ilya Sturov, head of logistics and marketing department
  • ScanEx Research and Development Center
    Victoriya Zatyagalova, senior expert
  • Ships&People Novorossiysk, LTD
    Aleksandr Voznenko, general director
  • Siemens Ltd.
    Dmitriy Fedorov, project director
  • South Regional Association of Marin Agents and Forwarders
    Aleksander Esipenko, vice-president

  • Sovfracht JSC
    Anna Altshul, deputy general director
  • State Project Development & Research Institute of Marine Transport CHERNOMORNIIPROEKT
    Sergey Nikulin, director
    Leonid Gusev, deputy director in charge of industry and economy
  • T-Comm, magazine
    Olga Doroshkevich, marketing and PR manager
  • Taman Maritime Ports Administration
    Uriy Naumov, head
  • Terminal complex of Blue Wave
    Ivan Yazvenko, general director
  • TransportWeekly, Publishing House
    Maksim Ilyin, representative of Moscow office
  • Transport of the South, magazine
    Svetlana Lymareva, editor-in-chief
  • TransTeleKom Company, CJSC
    Igor Dubrovin, director of directorate
    Svetlana Babushkina, senior specialist
  • Tuapse Commercial Sea Port
    Vladimir Gerasimenko, general director
    Ekaterina Kuznetsova, head of strategic development department of building direction
  • Tuapse Maritime Port Administration
    Vladimir Puzhaev, head
  • Yakor, Insurance Company OJSC
    Sergey Voronin, executive director
    Aleksey Korostelev, sales manager
  • Yeisk Maritime Port Administration
    Viktor Zavozin, acting captain
  • Yeisk Sea Port, JSC
    Marina Luniva, general director
  • Yeisk Transport Company
    Yuriy Polyuga, director
    Aleksander Polyuga, deputy director